Gain Insight

It's 2023, "storing your documents in the cloud" is no longer a unique and differentiating feature. It's time your legal software does more.

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Align and measure

Drive team accountability

How much revenue your firm will earn this year is in the hands of your intake team and case managers. Aligning your team on key metrics and providing them the tools to track their progress is the difference between hitting revenue targets and hoping.

Gladiate makes it easier than ever to track, measure, and monitor important leading and lagging indicators for your firm. Get the team on the same page and give them the power of real time insight on how they're progressing.

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Spot and fix bottlenecks faster

Visualize case flow

Research has shown 65% of individuals are visual learners. Your firm's success depends on your team's ability to move cases efficiently and that means spot and triage bottlenecks that inevitably pop up.

Gladiate enables you and your team to visualize how long each case has been open and in each status. See where cases are getting stuck. Spot trends in certain case status' or with certain team members.

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One feed, every action

Eyes on everything

There are many tasks, documents, notes involved in the life of a case. Having a single source of truth for everything that has happened in the course of working a case means your team avoids duplicating their work, and you stay in the know every step of the way.

As you and your team are working, Gladiate is capturing and logging every case event. Every case update, every note created, every document generated, every record request. You have access to a real time feed of everything that's happening in your firm along with team member and date and time of the action.