Grow Revenue

Gladiate helps founding injury attorneys increase firm revenue by reducing the number of days that cases are are open, earning more case and client referrals, and focusing their team and resources on their best cases.

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Fewer days on desk, more dollars in the bank

Reduce time on desk

Every day that a case sits open on your desk costs your firm money. The average injury firm will lose out on $250K in revenue each year ($1.2M over five years) simply because their cases are lagging; waiting on contracts, client intake, data entry, medical records, demand letters all create bottlenecks in your case workflow.

We're optimizing the injury workflow at every stage of the case. Gladiate is committed to helping firm owners and staff measure and reduce days on desk by 20% and earn 25% more revenue without taking on a single new case.

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More referrals, lower case acquisition costs

Earn more referrals

Case and client acquisition costs can crush your firm. Google raked in $162B in 2022 from search Ads. The Top 25 most expensive search keywords are all personal injury related.

The best injury firm owners know that a cultivating a strong referral base from past clients, family, friends, medical providers and even other attorneys is the most efficient and cost effective way to build your firm.

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Spend your time wisely

Maximize your best cases

The Pareto Principle is alive and well among personal injury law firms. 80% of your firm's revenue comes from 20% of your cases. Although every founding injury attorney knows this they still fail to spend enough time on their best cases.

Gladiate enables you to expedite tedious tasks so you can focus your time and energy on your best cases. Easily keep tabs on all of your cases and sort them by the metrics that matter most.