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Stop leaving millions on the table

The average injury firm will lose out on $250K in fees in 2023, $1.2M over the next five years because cases sit on their desk longer than they need to.

Find out how to earn 25% more revenue this year without adding a single new case.

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Stop losing out on valuable client referrals

Clients today are as likely to recommend their injury attorney as they are Verizon (hint: not likely).

The results of our 2023 Personal Injury Client Survey are in and client's gave their injury firm a Net Promoter Score of just 25. The #1 reason for the rating, communication.

Find out how we're helping injury firms keep clients in the know, build a war chest of five star reviews and, earn more referrals.

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Stop hoping, start knowing

Your time and your money are too valuable to throw away. Unfortunately we've seen many firm owners do just that. They hire staff and hope they're productive. They hire a record request company and hope it works. Stop hoping and starting knowing.

Find out how we're helping founding injury attorneys get better visibility and better control over firm operations.

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Sign in seconds

‍Leverage the fastest case creation and client signup process on the market.

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Documents on demand

Generate client contracts, letters of rep, preservation letters - all from case data with a single click.

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Eyes on everything

Run case reviews more efficiently, spot bottlenecks immediately and leverage a unique timeline view of every case to mover cases faster.

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