The story behind Gladiate

We're passionate about building and selling exceptional software that improves the lives and businesses of our attorneys, their team, and importantly, their clients.

Empowering founding injury attorneys

At Gladiate® we’re shaping the next generation of personal injury law firms. We envision a world in which every lawyer has the tools and technology to launch and build an enduring firm and a personal legacy.

We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, tailored and intuitive all-in-one operating system enabling attorneys and their teams to streamline their workflow, deliver exceptional client service, and build a healthy and profitable business from day one.

We've built products and teams that have touched millions

We’re driven by strong values

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We collaborate constantly

We are each here for a reason. We are constantly collaborating with one another. We seek input, advice and support from one another in order to improve ourselves, our team, and our product.

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We improve continuously

We are all in a constant state of learning. We strive to be 1% better each day and we aim to improve our processes, our copy, our code and the businesses of our customers by 1% each day. It is those incremental improvements that unlock transformational change.

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We craft simplicity

Simplicity comes from deep understanding and intentional focus. We seek simplicity in our thinking, in our product, our design, and in our own operation. We aim to understand root causes and address them directly, simply, elegantly.